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What People Say About Ben

"I worked with Ben over a year on multiple event marketing campaigns, promoting CME symposia and online CME activities. Ben has excellent copy writing and copy editing skills. He is reliable, responsible, and is great to work with. Ben prides himself on completing tasks at a high quality and on time. I highly recommend Ben.

- Angela Zavulunova

Digital Marketing Manager,

WebMD / Medscape

"Ben was a student in my digital marketing class at General Assembly. Ben grasped the concepts that I taught really well. Moreover, he really shined in delivering his finally presentation. During his presentation Ben displayed strong command over digital marketing concepts and how to apply them effectively in the real world."

- Brandon Davenport

Instructor, Digital Marketing

General Assembly

"Ben always showed an interest in learning, working hard, staying late, doing whatever was necessary to help me and the team meet production deadlines."

- Elise Mora

Senior VP, Production Department

Island, Def Jam, Republic Records

Universal Music Group

"In the time I worked with Ben at WebMD, he portrayed professionalism, dedication, and a great work ethic to help the company achieve their goals. He was willing to do whatever it took to complete a required task, even if it meant working late some days and nights. He would be an ideal asset to any company for sure."

- Jonathan Rogers

Email Producer,

WebMD / Medscape

"Ben has proved a great manager when I have worked with his event company Reheated Spaghetti. His attention to detail and diligence have always impressed me, whether we were partnering on a project or I was simply watching him work. I've rarely seen such a fast response time on any and every issue; Ben's ability to multitask while never losing sight of the big picture is something to behold. His friendly demeanor never seems disrupted no matter how much stress he is under; he's always quick with a quip and eager to help. I commend his ability to be constantly personable as well as on top of logistics. Any team would be lucky to have him as a member.

- Gavin Dunaway

Product Marketing Lead,

The Media Trust

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